The Nature Instinct

by:  Tristan Gooley     
 Trade Paperback 
Style: Hardcover
“A captivating guide to finding one’s way in the wild.”—The Wall Street Journal Publisher's note: The Nature Instinct was published in the UK under the title Wild Signs and Star Paths. Master outdoorsman Tristan Gooley was just about to make camp when he sensed danger—but couldn’t say why. After sheltering elsewhere, Gooley returned to investigate: What had set off his subconscious alarm? Suddenly, he understood: All of the tree trunks were slightly bent. The ground had already shifted once and could easily become treacherous in a storm. The Nature Instinct shows how we, too, can unlock this intuitive understanding of our surroundings. Learn to sense the forest’s edge from deep in the woods, or whether a wild animal might pose danger—before you even know how you know.