Sir Gibbie

by:  George MacDonald    
Type: Hardcover

Unique features of this edition of Sir Gibbie:

  • Eleven original illustrations by artist Carrie Stout
  • English translations of all Scots dialogue, by David Jack, side-by-side with the original text
  • Introduction by best-selling author Michael Phillips

GEORGE MACDONALD (1824-1905), Scottish poet, novelist, and minister, was a mentor to Lewis Carroll, friend of Mark Twain, and an inspiration to countless Christians. C.S. Lewis, author of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA,said of MacDonald, "I know hardly any other writer who seems to be closer, or more continually close, to the Spirit of Christ Himself." G.K. Chesterton wrote, "If we test the matter of originality of attitude, George MacDonald was one of the three of four greatest men of the 19th century."The twelve novels MacDonald set in his homeland make frequent use of Scots dialogue, which has posed a problem for many would-be readers. This new edition of SIR GIBBIE, book three in the translation series, provides the complete original text, but places English side-by-side with the Scots. Also featured is an introduction by renowned MacDonald authority and best-selling author Michael Phillips.In his preface, translator David Jack identifies two of SIR GIBBIE's most striking features: its "ineluctable fairy-tale quality" and "the purity of its gospel message." The hero of the novel, Gibbie himself, he describes as belonging to a world of marvels, and argues that "throughout Gibbie's adventures not only strangers, but even his intimate friends find themselves naturally falling into this way of regarding the diminutive, elfin 'creature', and are unable to shake off the impression save by a conscious effort."