November's Whisper

by:  Harrison Stockeland     
 Hardcover  Paperback 
Type: Hardcover

If one dead girl is labeled a tragedy, what are the four that follow? The detritus of a serial killer.

The year is 1983. November’s Whisper follows FBI Criminal Profiler Henry Hayes as he works alongside local and state investigators to hunt down an active serial killer in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Investigators discover details that lead them to believe the current string of murders in the rainy town are linked to a gruesome, unsolved murder of a young girl from four years earlier. With the help of local detective Kelly Dunne and state investigator Melissa Tuny, Henry fights time, journalists, and a haunt from his past to catch the murderer before what will certainly be the gruesome finale.

Author Harrison Stockeland returns to the crime thriller genre after his debut novel (Watch It Burn, 2023) outperformed industry expectations. November’s Whisper is an exceptional thriller and a must-read within the genre.