A Guide To Treasure In Tennessee, 2nd Edition: Treasure Guide Series

by:  H. Glenn Carson   Leanne Carson Boyd   Michael Paul Henson      
 Trade Paperback 
So You are hearing alarm bells ringing in the state of Tennessee

There are some times - some, more than others - that humans show their ancestral DNA. When your brain is suddenly set on fire by a new idea, then a new plan begins to develop. Like our caveman ancestors of yore, we are suddenly experiencing a rapid heartbeat, racing blood flow, and the "fight or flight" instinct. You are pumped to dig out your hiking boots and metal detector, and head to the mountains or the beaches of Tennessee

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Tennessee is chock full of treasure

Whether you are an armchair enthusiast or one of the hardy Billy Goats that scamper easily over hill and dale, you will find a starting point in this book. Every city or small town... or the many ghost- and near-ghost towns... will possess countless treasures hidden by the flow of time. Yes, highly valuable, sought-after collectibles (or as some folks say, collectables "-) just waiting, anticipating your arrival.

Carson - the go-to expert

Glenn Carson of H. Glenn Carson Enterprises has been the go-to expert in treasure hunting, coin collecting, and metal detecting for over 40 years. He is now what they call The Granddaddy of this genre. Leanne Carson Boyd, his daughter, with the WaybillToAdventure.com Web site, has brought Carson Enterprises books to the Internet for over 12 years. And now, this entire collection is - or soon will be - available on Amazon. All 70+ books

Carson has an extraordinary background in treasure hunting.

From these books, you can glean a tremendous amount of information for unearthing treasure. You will learn about legends and actual sites, and the main characters in the unfolding drama. You will soon have working knowledge for planning your "dig," pinpointing major clues and leads, the know-how for interviewing key local people, and the main parts of planning your treasure hunt.

Get a historical foundation for your hunt.

This book will lead you to tremendous online sites where you can start burrowing down to precise locations... with who to look up in local, national, and governmental resources. This will give you a historical foundation for your hunt. And there are inspiring illustrations, photos, and maps that will pump that caveman spirit

Yep, you'll meet the good, the bad, and the ugly

Explore Tennessee maps and read about mines, naval and military boats and accidents, the influence of American natives, the Spanish, the French, and the rest of the melting pot. Buried or hidden treasures abound... robbers, spies, the good, the bad, and the ugly... sometimes the REALLY ugly... race in and out of Tennessee history.

We welcome you to dog-ear the pages of your book

Gold, coins, Civil War objects, mines, stashes and sunken treasures, robberies and heists, and Americana items of every description are found within these book covers. It's all here. Any thought that American history is boring will quickly leave your mind You will probably dog-ear this "Guide To Treasure In Tennessee" book by the time you finish reading it

Start your research and your dreams about all-things Tennessee...

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A Guide To Treasure In Tennessee, 2nd Edition: Treasure Guide Series

A Guide To Treasure In Tennessee, 2nd Edition: Treasure Guide Series